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Sweet, juicy, and a little tart at times, this little red fruit is truly remarkable. No wonder it's a symbol of love and passion! One of the most unique quirks about the strawberry is that it's the only fruit that wears its seeds on the outside, poking out for the world to see. Folk remedies held that the fruit, leaves, and root of wild strawberries have the power to cure throat infections, melancholy, fainting, inflammation, kidney stones, bad breath, fevers, gout, and diseases of the blood and vital organs. Some of those may actually be true.

Washing strawberries in water and patting dry prepares them for either eating or storage. In the refrigerator, the coldest drawer is your best bet for prolonged freshness. When removing the core and little cap of leaves at the top, inspect for soft spots and remove with a small paring knife.


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